Sound Guys Lav-Rod QD

LAV-ROD W/ Quick Disconnect. Breaks down into 2 pieces for easier storage.
48" overall Length.

Makes wiring talent with tight pants a breeze. Connect a wire to the adapter and fish it down the side of their leg. Disconnect and pull the LAV-ROD back up. Finish in seconds what is normally an extremely obtrusive and lengthy process.

The LAV-ROD is manufactured using Delrin (a hard plastic) and Carbon Fiber. Please ensure that people are careful when threading on adapters to the LAV-ROD. Since it is not machined stainless steel, the LAV-ROD threads can become damaged if cross threaded which is NOT covered under warranty.

*LAV-ROD works with ALL of the LAV-BULLET adapters*

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Sound Guys Lav-Rod QD

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